The Girls Go Surfing Day is the world's largest event-based surfing program and in recent years has attracted more than 6000 female participants Australia-wide!

The event has been running for over 20 years and is a fantastic opportunity for local females to participate in surfing. Girls of any age and ability are welcome, and every participant will receive a free showbag containing a wealth of great surfing goodies!

Essentially a "grass-roots" learn-to-surf program targeting both non-surfers and beginners of all ages, the Girls Go Surfing Days encourages you to undertake professional tuition delivered exclusively through Surfing Australia's national network of Surf Schools.

The cost of the lesson is $55 per person and there will never be more than 8 of you to every instructor. If you've never tried surfing before and always wanted to give it a go, this is the program for you! Come down to your local beach and have some fun!